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What people say about us!


Mr Leafe is a reliable, community-minded citizen whose concern for improving the welfare of others motivates his desire to assist local schools through his expertise as an accredited Level One Swimming Coach.
As the principal of Botany School, I have no hesitation in pupils of the school benefiting from Mr Leafe’s training in an Advanced Swimming Course.

Christopher MaronAssistant Principal and Sports Master

I would like to recommend Gary Leafe to any organisation looking at leasing part or all of their premises to him.
Gary is an excellent instructor, utilising sound training methods tempered with the right amount of discipline. Both of my daughters are presently training with him and have shown a rapid improvement in a relatively short time.
I believe there is only limited opportunity for swimmers in the Eastern Suburbs and we need new coaches and more kids training if our community is going to offer the same chance of swimming training as other Australians receive.

Michael Vasin ASMExecutive Director, NSW Maccabi Incorporated

I have known Gary Leafe for a period of 10 years. Gary is honest and reliable and true to his word. Gary has worked, time and again to assist the people in the local area, and he has unselfishly given his time for the greater benefit of the local people.
I am very proud to call Gary Leafe my friend because he is decent, unselfish and honest.

Noel D’SouzaMatraville Pharmacy

We would like to nominate Mr Gary Leafe, our daughters swimming coach, for an outstanding swimming teacher award. Gary is a Level 1 Coach and our 41/2 year old daughter was a non-swimmer when she first started with Gary in November 1994. We noticed Gary differed from most swimming coaches in that he tended not to teach dog-paddle at all to children who were willing to put their face in the water. For children who are reluctant to do so he explains, to the parents, how time can be saved by wearing their goggles in their daily bath and putting their face in the water.
Gary always takes the time to explain to parents the progress of their child after each lesson.
Our daughter Bree has now been with Gary for apporx. 5 months, doing one 30 min session per week and can completely swim both freestyle and backstroke. In fact, this past weekend, she competed in a local swimming carnival and completed 25m races in both styles. Having attended our daughter’s “first carnival” only confirmed to us Gary’s remarkable results in achieving swimming techniques of a high standard. Most important for us, besides enjoyment and competency in the pool for our daughter, was to ensure that her technique was correct from the outset. Gary has certainly achieved this for our daughter and many more children that we have noticed both at his private coaching sessions and the recent carnival we attended.
Whilst Gary has nothing like the facilities of various coaches in the area that operate from the large public swimming areas, there is no doubt in our minds that we have placed our daughter with an exceptional swimming coach.

Maxine CooneyAustralian Learn To swim Association

My 3 year old daughter started lessons 4 weeks ago and was not very confident in the water at all. I couldn’t believe that week 3 during only her 3rd lesson she was doing laps on her own then week 4 she was using the kick board. Gary and Chris’ are great with the kids, unbelievable result!!!

JT Wenban

EXCELLENT! Gary & Chris really focus on technique and ensure all kids get the attention required. Our two boys have been attending for over a year now and can swim confidently and enjoy the discipline that Gary & Chris provide. I highly recommend them to anyone that wants their children to learn how to actually swim.

Lauren Francis

My children have had 4 swimming lessons at Leafe Elite. They have been to swimming lessons with other swim schools since they were 2 1/2yo but haven’t really had any progress or there is nowhere to advance as all the levels are booked out. I have noticed since going to Leafe Elite my son is no longer scared of the water and swims continuously (with a bubble) for 30min. Gary is showing them both the technique for swimming (strokes and kicking). Gary is quite firm with the kids and my kids enjoy going there every week which is a change from the other swim schools which i found it hard to get them there…crying and also the hassle or them waiting for their turn when they are wet and cold. Here they swim continuously for 30min.


I wish to recommend my son’s swim coach Gary Leafe. Previous to my son beginning training with Gary, we had tried unsuccessfully three different times to have Bryce taught to swim. My son had his eyes operated upon three times, and as a result had an obvious reluctance to put his head in the water. Within the space of 8 months, Gary was able to teach my son not only to swim from scratch, but to be proficient in two strokes. Apart from the practical ability to swim, Gary has also been able to impart a new self confidence and self reliance upon my son. Bryce has gone from someone looking forward to competition and new challenges. I can only express my utmost happiness with Gary’s demeanour, rapport with both children and parents and obvious sound technical methods. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gary Leafe as an excellent swim coach for children of all abilities.

BJ Sentance

Gary and Chris are the most professional, dedicated, knowledgeable and caring swimming coaches in the eastern suburbs. After putting our 4 kids into various swimming schools, Leafe Elite Swim School gave the attention to detail, the virtually one to one tuition and the steady learning of strokes to make my kids confident swimmers. My 10yr old boy has consistently made the school team and my 8 yr old daughter has made her first school team this year. They have both been at Leafe Elite for 5 yrs. My younger two have started this year and are progressing very well. Most importantly, they love coming to the class and this is a credit to Gary and Chris. I Congratulate Chris and Gary on their hard work and hope they continue to coach our kids how to swim for many more years. I highly recommend this Swim School.

John Marina

My daughter has been with Swim Elite for over 4 years. During this time, she has learnt to swim all four strokes with the best technique, guided by Swim Elite’s extensive experience. She has gone from a non- swimmer to the fastest swimmer in her age group at school carnivals.

Swim Elite guide her progress with skill, precision and patience. I cannot thank them enough for teaching her a life long skill and giving her the strong confidence she shows in the water. I recommend Swim Elite to everyone looking for swim lessons. I cannot wait to start my youngest daughter in a few months time. Keep up the incredible work Swim Elite!

Lucy Nagy

Leafe Elite Swim School is an awesome swimming school. My 3 girls (aged from 3 to 5) love it and they can’t wait to go there every Saturday! Gary and Chris do a really great job at teaching kids how to properly swim and they do it in a nice and professional manner. Their passion for the sport and their love of the children is obvious. The kids get to work hard but they clearly enjoy it and the smile of their face says it all.

Fabien Monceaux

Experienced trainers and personal follow-up of every child thanks to small groups. As good as it gets.


Before this, my daughter tried 2 different swim school, it was like a sausage factory and was a waste of time and made my daughter scare swimming lessons. But after a visit to see Gary/Chris, it made the difference. Initially they taught at a pace comfortable for my daughter, as every kid is different and once my daughter was comfortable, the pace picked up and soon my daughter was full of confidence. My daughter has been going there for 2 years now and doing 1hr sessions, she swims a lot better than her friends – the techniques, stokes and kicking. I have recommended this to many friends and parents. Don’t take my word, just go there on a Sat morning and you’ll see what I mean.


Great school. My 4 year old girl started there 6 months ago. She was scared of the water and didn’t know how to swim at all. Now she loves it, does freestyle and back stroke with a lot of ease. The head coach, Gary, is very good with kids. Highly recommended!

Fabien Mon

Magnificent swim school, Our boys were afraid of the water before starting swimming lessons at Leafe Elite swim school. Now, our 5-year-old is working towards joining the swim team. The instructors are excellent. Our instructor was excellent. He was always on schedule, always with a smile and instructs kids well with thorough details.


Thanks Gary and Chris. My 3 boys have been coming to your swim school for 2 years now and their swimming style has improved dramatically. You have corrected their stroke and improved their strength. The love coming twice a week and we have had great results in our swimming carnival. Thanks again.


Our family began at this swim school about five years ago. My son is now swimming at multiple state championships. Gary and Chris made sure his technique was perfect and this has encouraged and motivated him to try harder. Swimming has opened a world of opportunities for him including great schools. It is the foundations that he learnt at this swim school that has allowed him to excel in this sport. Now my little girl is also learning the techniques her brother did and loving it. I would strongly recommend Leafe Elite swim school for anyone serious about learning to swim correctly. Thank you Gary and Chris for the effort you put into the kids here.


Thank you Leafe Elite Swim School.. Gary & Chris we are so thankful that you are teaching all 3 of our children the CORRECT way to swim. In such a short time you have taught our kids to come from being only average swimmers to super swimmers! You both have the passion to teach kids to swim to the highest level. Our kids LOVE coming to lessons because they can see the results from your training. Your swim school has the right balance of discipline, hard work & fun.. On a final note both our boys did exceptionally well at their swimming carnival yesterday and we have you both to thank for this. We know they can only get better and better with your training.


I have moved out of the area and tried a swim school close to our new home. It took 1 lesson when I realised I have to go back to Leafe Elite swim school. The kids are constantly swimming and not waiting on the block for their turn at Leafe Elite.


Leafe Elite Swim School is an awesome swimming school. My 3 girls (aged from 3 to 5) love it and they can’t wait to go there every Saturday!
Gary and Chris to a really great job at teaching kids how to properly swim and they do it in a nice and professional manner. Their passion for the sport and their love of the children is obvious. The kids get to work hard but they clearly enjoy it and the smile of their face says it all.
The discrediting comments from other users are frustrating and completely out of place. I strongly encourage you to come and check out the school and make up your own mind about it. Your kids will thank you for it!

Fabien Monceaux

Our eleven year old daughter came to Gary Leafe Swimming School just over twelve months ago without any swimming ability. Today she is a capable swimmer who can perform the four different swimming strokes satisfactorily.
We believe Mr Leafe does possess an excellent ability to communicate and motivate his trainees who can greatly benefit in a highly structured and disciplined programme.

Nicholas Lieu

Gary Leafe is my son Adrian’s swimming coach and he has coached Adrian for approximately fourteen months and in his time I have noticed a 100% improvement. Adrian previous to joining Gary’s coaching classes had trained at another centre and was struggling in all strokes. Adrian now is swimming with so much confidence and style and has entered numerous carnivals and is doing extremely well. Adrian this year at his schools swimming carnival meet won all his events, not just won, but won by lengths.
I must say, without any doubt that Adrian’s fantastic results are due to the excellent coaching by Gary Leafe. Gary’s patience and expertise in the coaching profession are the finest my wife and I have experienced and we would not hesitate to recommend any parents to send their children to him for coaching.

Gordon Mace

Gary Leafe has been coaching my daughter Emily for approx. 9 months. Gary is a very competent swimming coach who seems to command great respect from his pupils. Emily has been at 2 other swimming schools and was never very happy and seemed to stagnate in her process. Since we have been with Gary she can’t wait to go to her swimming lessons and has made considerable progress. I have noticed that all of Gary’s pupils from the tiniest pre-schoolers to the older children all bound through his door and are eager to begin their lessons with him.
Gary’s pool is kept immaculately clean as is the adjoining waiting area and toilet facilities. I am pleased to recommend Gary Leafe as a swimming coach.

P. E. Russell

We would like to nominate our children’s swimming coach, Mr Gary Leafe (who is a level 1 Coach), for the Outstanding Swimming Teacher’s Award.
We have found that our four children have improved greatly with his teaching. we have been with him for about 3 years. My two eldest boys (ages 10 and 12), have found him very easy to understand and work with. He gives good solid training and makes it enjoyable at the same time. Due to Gary’s coaching my son’s have been able to represent their school (Sydney Grammar) every year.
My 6 year old, who he taught to swim from the age of 3 has become a very proficient swimmer and recently won 2 medals at a local meet in the under 8 level.
Gary has taught my four year old daughter to swim freestyle and backstroke already. He has excellent rapport with children of all ages and he seems to have the knack of coaching the children to their fullest potential.

Maxine Cooney

I would like to commend Mr Gary Leafe on his excellent teaching ability.
Mr Leafe has been teaching my daughter and son for over a year now. After attending many swimming lessons at various pools, my daughter (who now has an intellectual disability) has now started swimming freestyle and displays confidence in the water. This is due to Mr Leafe’s patience, understanding and coaching techniques.
I have another son (3 years old) who has started lessons this year with Mr Leafe and he is making very good progress as well.
Mr Leafe deserves the highest recognition for his contribution to swimming. He is an excellent teacher and I am happy to recommend his to anyone.

Helen Julian

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