Swimming School Lessons Botany

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Journey from Learning to Swim – Squad Swimming

Leafe Elite Swim School has been the preferred choice for many parents over the years when looking for a swimming school in Botany.

Our programs are designed to build confidence in our students, encouraging them to take the plunge on their own, without an accompanying adult in the pool. With our swimming lessons for children from Botany and other Eastern Suburbs, we use floatation devices and easy to follow visual aids which have been proven to be effective in helping with swimming techniques and developing confidence in children in their own ability. Most students after their first lesson are doing more than they (or their parents) thought possible, and because we encourage our students to spend all their time in the pool during their lesson, their in-pool time is both productive and fun.

We cover freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly, as well as tumble turns and dives in our different programs which are tailored to suit different levels of ability. Whether you have a child who is a beginner or a toddler, or are looking for a school to provide advanced lessons in preparation for competition, when it comes to swimming schools in Botany, Leafe Elite Swim School has programs suitable for everyone.

Whether it is toddler training or stroke development, Leafe Elite Swim School offers expert swimming lessons in Botany. For over 2 decades, we have been training toddlers who convert into swimming squads.

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Building Confidence and Developing Skills

It is important to get toddlers comfortable with the water. We believe that each child is different and requires individual attention. Various programs are designed to specifically meet and bring up to scratch skill and confidence levels.

Toddler Training

We know that training infants can be daunting; hence we train only toddlers when they are above the age of 3. We recommend parents to get their infants used to water and familiarised with the environment. Once they turn 3, we allow them to bring their kids to the best swimming school in Botany.

We ensure that No Time is wasted

Our toddler development program is designed to train each child separately. Once in water, beginners are equipped with floating devices. We ensure that no time is wasted and the child utilizes maximum energy to perform better.

It is important to learn to swim for Survival

Learning how to swim at an early age is easier because of the flexibility that toddlers possess. Bring your child at Leafe Elite Swim School for swimming lessons. We help them develop their concentration and coordination skills as well as allowing them to learn different swimming strokes.

How things Work at Leafe Elite Swim School

Our coaches have defined three levels of teaching how to swim:

  1. Beginners – At this level, the students are taught self-reliance with the help of floats. We teach Floating, Kick Boarding, Freestyle and backstroke as part of the program depending upon individual skills of each student.
  2. Intermediate – Swimming skills like Back stroke kicking, body positioning in water, consistency of stroke and good muscle memory is developed at this level. Smaller floats are provided to students at intermediate levels.
  3. Advanced Level – When students qualify the intermediate level, floating material is taken away. They are taught freestyle swimming with bi-lateral breathing.

Individual Attention

In order to ensure that no one is neglected, we train a maximum of 4 students at a single time. Programs are designed for recreational swimmers who want to swim more efficiently. In addition we also have programs designed to help a student aiming to join a swimming squad in future, we have a program designed for this purpose as well.

Accredited Coaches

From learn to swim to squad swimming, our coaches are trained and experienced. Our Head Coach Gary is a member of various prestigious swimming associations, in addition, has 24 years of experience in coaching students. Our Assistant Coach Chris has 18 years of experience in giving swimming lessons.

We provide a platform for your children to learn how to swim, work on stroke development and join squad swimming. Leafe Elite Swim School allows parents to stay in the premises and watch their children while they learn to swim.

Whether your Child is a beginner or he requires stroke development, Leafe Elite Swim School has it all.

Call Gary   at: 041 823 5767

Or Email at: gary@swimelite.com.au

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